Hi my names Isabella Britt and welcome to my blog! I am 18 years old and I'm from a small country town called Gundagai, which is situated halfway between Sydney and Melbourne. I am studying a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies (Bachelor of TV shows and Memes) at the University of Wollongong.

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The Cinematic Rise of the Unknown

I was honestly shocked this week that I had only just discovered the second largest film industry in the world. My ignorance led me to believe that both Hollywood and Bollywood were the main industries dominating global film but I was wrong. Nollywood has been around since the early 1990's. It originated from Nigeria, situated... Continue Reading →

G’Day Mate

From a young age we are taught in school the concepts of belonging and discovering, both of which have become major study points in the Australian High School Certificate English Syllabus in recent years, but why aren't we becoming more accepting and curious? Cultural competence is the practice of being aware and embracing multiculturalism to see... Continue Reading →


For centuries now, countries have intertwined, combining and integrating their cultural normalities and practices from one nation to another creating globalisation. 'Globalisation' became the subject of social-cultural anthropologist, Arjun Appadurai's studies. He went on to compose the very successful book 'Modernity At Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalization'. Appadurai's five dimensions of "Global Cultural Flow": Ethnoscapes:... Continue Reading →

Two Faced

Now deep into the digital age, man-kind has developed another personality, their online persona. How you portray yourself in the real world can greatly affect your on-screen character and vice-versa. In the wise and great words of Future, "Mask off". The place where I can take my social media 'mask' off is ironically Instagram. Being... Continue Reading →

Fruit vs Robot

In my opinion fruit definitely wins. I know you are wondering what I'm talking about and how the hell would fruit beat a robot in a battle but it comes down to one question, open or closed? The now ancient and tiring argument of Apple vs Android never dies. Both operating systems are very different... Continue Reading →

Remember that Time the World Froze over?

In November 2013, Disney Studio's released the computer animated film, 'Frozen'. The storyline was set in the peaceful kingdom of Arendelle, following the lives of the two sister-princesses, Elsa and Anna. The plot thickens when Elsa's superpowers (it's not a real movie without superpowers) cause the calm kingdom to be turned into a harsh winter,... Continue Reading →

Sharing is Caring

Right? Wrong... In the world we live in today, distributing content falls under strict laws which we know as 'copyright'. This prohibits individuals from copying, modifying, or selling any creations such as literature, gaming programs, movies, computer software and architecture. Applications have been named 'The Future of Copyright Infringement'. The loose guidelines and easy path ways... Continue Reading →

Remix Culture

Music genres have been expanding for hundreds of years, each bringing a new vibe and wave of artists for man-kind to listen to. This new generation has also created an obsession with re-mixing different audio materials that would have never been previously considered together. New vs Old: 1987's smash hit 'Heaven is a place on earth" by... Continue Reading →

Will The Legacy Live On?

Traditional media outlets have become a ticking time-bomb. The once dominating medium of distributed information, the newspaper is on its way to becoming a museum artefact for the next generation to view. The fascination of free speech has now pushed consumers into online forums, forcing many long standing news corporations to now produce and publish... Continue Reading →

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